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  • Introduction

    Homeandgardenlife.com offers gardening enthusiast an entertaining place to visualize their garden, plan their flowering garden in advance through our intelligent green logic software and content available on the portal site, further it will allow them to interact with other hobbyist, ask garden experts questions, totally personalize their gardening needs etc. It generates traffic first, valuation for visitors, and eventually commerce and profits. It is a healthy place for people to search and buy flowering plants, tools, accessories, a good place for garden centers, landscape companies, retailers to buy on wholesale prices and it will be a one stop shop for the gardening needs. And would also provide a creative and fair work environment for employees.

  • People Behind

    Homeandgardenlife.com is the brain child of Atul Vashisth and as founder of the company he brings in vast amount of experience, expertise and efficiency to the incorporation and functioning of Home & Garden Life. He is currently the MD of Samak Landscape wherein he is the primary driving force behind the landscape design and development business. Samak has been in the landscape/gardening business for the last 30 years and has emerged as one of the most modern and leader on the business of commercial landscaping and nursery. He brings in vast knowledge base and experience to execute large landscape projects. He also got trained as an arborist by one of the most celebrated person in the horticulture and landscape industry. Having worked in the field of landscape design and development for the past 25 years has exploits in the field of landscape design and implementation are listed as under Professional Experience:

    • He has done his B.Sc. Horticulture from Pant Nagar University and has a Masters in Horticulture and Landscape Design from Texas A&M University, USA..
    • Has worked in Canada and United States for various companies and designed award winning gardens for the companies there.
    • He is also the founder of one of India’s first private botanical resource garden being developed near Gurgaon called “Botanix” which has successfully become a unique tourist destination for garden and plant lovers:
    • Designed over 100 small and large residential gardens in Canada and USA.
    • Started the concept of “Instant Landscaping”. Provided instant landscape services for trade exhibitions etc. Created various theme gardens overnight for the clientele including automobile companies and MNCs such as Tata’s, Mercedes Benz, M&M etc.
    • Designed an indoor garden in Garden Expo, Osaka, Japan in Feb-Mar 2000. The entry received a silver medal.
    • Designed and executed landscape projects of various magnitude of 500 yd2 residential to 400 acre resort and industrial complex.
    • Created India’s first nature farm with an objective to create a plant bank which people can see and study the behavior of flora in local conditions. It is already a success as a tourist destination and it drives decent traffic every month.
    • Runs a successful modern nursery with greenhouses to grow indoor and outdoor plants. The nursery introduced ready to go topiary plants in India.
    • Successfully launched India’s first gardening service model called “ rentamali.com”.
    • As an expert arborist it has been his vision to do such pioneering work of large scale transplanting of over 300 super-size trees in one single operation.
  • Some of the know landscape projects that have been designed by us are

    • Taj gateway resorts, Gurgaon
    • Galaxy Hotel, Gurgaon
    • 300 acre Golf course, Chandigarh
    • Kingdom of Dreams, Gurgaon
    • Hotels and resorts in Delhi and Gurgaon
    He has established India’s first garden training center in Gurgaon where hobbyist or professional people can gain knowledge and real working experience at site.
  • Our mission

    Our mission is to provide the best quality standardized planting material to the industry. We shall continue to spend part of our revenue in R&D so that we can produce better products in the future

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    We can be reached via email by clicking here , or by phone at 0124 - 4281888.

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