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You can get in touch with us in the following ways:
For customer related inquiries, visit the Contact Us page
For horticulture, landscape and plants related inquiries visit the Ask Me page

Phone: ( + 91) 124 4281888

Understand fully, the need to touch and feel before spending and would encourage you to call us at (+91) - 124 4281888. Our customer service executive will further guide you when and where to see the product physically.
Of course, all our non-perishable goods go under rigorous quality testing measures and protocols. However, due to the nature of some perishable goods like flowers etc. we cannot guarantee such products. Under all circumstances, you can always get in touch with us with any problem and we will try to solve it in the best possible manner.
Shopping methods are quite similar to other e-commerce portals and websites and is quite self-explanatory. You can keep adding items to the shopping cart and then press the check-out button to complete the transaction. Depending on which method of payment you choose, your items will be delivered to you.
As mentioned earlier, we encourage you to physically view the item before you have purchased it. However, refund of payment against goods is not possible unless the delivered goods have been defected in some form or the other, under which circumstances, someone from would get in touch with you and offer you the best possible option or solution.
At the moment we have not integrated a payment gateway through Therefore, at the moment it is not possible to pay through credit card. You have three options for payment: Cash-On-Delivery, Demand Draft and Cheque. Whatever method of payment you choose, our customer care executives will immediately get in touch with you and confirm your transaction.
YES,for a limited period of time the entire contents and resources are absolutely free.
Some items on are kept in stock while others are specifically made to order. Items that are kept in stock are instantly delivered based on availability. Items that are specifically made to order go immediately into production once the transaction is confirmed. We have included a "Delivery Time" with each item wherever possible.

Technical and Site Related Question

By pressing CTRL and F simultaneously (In Internet Explorer), you can search for a phrase or word within a page.
When searching for a shopping item like a plant or a seed or a garden element etc., you will utilize our appropriate search engine. Each search engine is defined within its own page. For example, there is a separate Search Plant for the Shopping/Plants page and a separate Search Element for the Shopping/Elements and Accessories page. You can access each search engine from its own page.