Office Maintenance

Our Plants clean the air that you breath in your office.

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A graceful metamorphosis. An elegant addition. The finishing touch

Plants within the workplace help to soften and humanize the space, they also produce clean, refreshing air, which in turn, will create a relaxed and more productive working environment.

Samak supplies the finest plants and materials form a wide variety of sources, ensuring we are experts at providing the plant displays that are tailored to your exact requirements.

"Our aim at all times being total customer satisfaction"

Why chooser plant Rental

  • Plants have been proven to have many positive effects on a person, whether they are placed at home or in the office.
  • Plants humanize office environment and increase workplace productivity
  • Plants stimulate the mind and encourage creativity
  • Plants can hide office machines, separate work areas, desks, cover ugly wires and much more...
  • The Colour green has a positive effect on our health.
  • It lower the blood pressure, calms the nervous system, and relieves anxiety.
  • Plants clean the air by absorbing pollutants through their leaves, roots and the bacteria that live on them, and then converting these substances to food.
  • They absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen during the photosynthesis process.

Regular Maintenace Service:

Samak services all plants and containers regularly. Our maintenance service includes this is to maintain our high standard of display. Plants are prompt replaced, whenever necessary, at no additional charge.

It is our policy to never use chemicals or pesticides on our client's' premises. Plants requiring such attention are removed to our nursery and replaced with new plants.

Our Service Technicians wear distinctive green uniforms with our name emblazoned on their shirts for ease of identification, which would assist in our clients' security. They carry all the necessary service equipment to enable them to promptly carry out their servicing.

The owners of the business. who regularly inspect each job to ensure that high standards are maintained. personally manage the day-to-day operations of Samak.