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Plants Category Plants Name No of Plants
Table Top Chlorophytum 1
Anthurium 2
Aglaonema Lipstick 1
Syngonium 1
Sansevieria 1
Tray Garden Tray Mix - 'Exotic' 1
Decorative Schefflera 1
Philodendron 1
Ficus Nerifolia Variegated 1
Aglaonema 2
Spathiphyllum 2
Total Plants 14


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Ficus Nerifolia
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Ficus Nerifolia
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indoor plants

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Description : Ficus is a pan-tropical genus of trees, shrubs and vines occupying a wide variety of ecological niches; most are evergreen, but some deciduous species are endemic to areas outside of the tropics and to higher elevations. Fig species are characterized by their unique inflorescence and distinctive pollination syndrome, which utilizes wasp species belonging to the Agaonidae family for pollination.
The always popular ficus tree is a member of the fig family and perfect for caring for as a houseplant. There are several varieties of this plant that are grown as houseplants. Among these are the ficus Benjamin or weeping fig, the ficus lyrata or fiddle head fig, and the ficus elastics decors or rubber tree. The Bodhi tree, under which the Buddha achieved enlightenment, is believed by many to have been a ficus religiosa. The most popular as an indoor tree is the ficus Benjamin.