Balcony Garden

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Rs. 13875
Exotic Garden: assumption size 12’x20’ and above (approximately 250 sq. ft and above)
shade img
  • Plant Type
  • :
Exotic Foliage mix
  • Total plants
  • :
24 nos
  • Sizes of plants
  • :
Small: 6 no.
Medium: 14
Large: 4
  • Pot Type
  • :
cement planters colored or painted with soothing color which will complement the garden and Plastic terracotta color
  • Media type
  • :
super garden mix
  • Other accessories
  • :
1. Small Wrought iron obelisk
2. Terracotta colored urns 2 nos.
3. Lantern made of iron for burning candles (one can put mosquito repellant candle) : 2 nos
4. Pebbles to add texture
  • Exotic Garden Plant Care
  • :
The plants needs to be watered only twice a week in winter and every day in summers. Ensure that the soil is on the drier side before watering otherwise one will tend to over water the plants. We will be sending a free (one time only) soluble fertilizer and plant food kit for giving plant food.

Description: A great combination of exotic designed to give a vibrant exotic look of the balcony garden. Special effort has been made to add colors by adding plants that give natural flowers. There are some exotic palms such as areca, hybrids Petra croton which is known for its vibrant color. The garden has been designed keeping in mind easy success in shade and an economical price. The plants chosen are good for plain area (not hilly). They all are perennial in nature accept a few i.e. will remain evergreen. One can add few more flowering pot plants in the season to add texture and color of the season.