Alamanda Dwarf also known as Alamanda


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Description : Very attractive ever-blooming vine with bright yellow trumpet-like flowers. Night-scented flowers year-round. Allamanda is perennial in tropical climates and may be treated as an annual or brought inside during cold weather and replanted after danger of frost. The plant has milky sap and is considered poisonous; all parts are highly cathartic. Grows well in most soils, but becomes chlorotic in very alkaline conditions. In areas where there is seasonal change, keep fairly dry during winter and prune in spring before growth begins. It may be desirable to prune annually in any case to control for size.
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• Allamanda cathartica, Allamanda nerifolia (Golden Trumpet Shrub)
• Allamanda schottii 'Compacta' (Dwarf Golden Trumpet)
• Allamanda sp. Alba (Allamanda Blanca)