Balcony Garden

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Rs. 5250
Shade Tropical Garden: assumption size 8’x12’ (approximately 100 sq. ft)
shade img
  • Plant Type
  • :
Foliage mix
  • Total plants
  • :
16 nos
  • Sizes of plants
  • :
small: 8 no.
medium: 6
Large: 2
  • Pot Type
  • :
Plastic terracotta color
  • Media type
  • :
super garden mix
  • Other accessories
  • :
garden decor
Small Wrought iron stand for urn
Small drift wood
Lantern made of iron (for garden decoration purpose)
  • Shade Garden Plant Care
  • :
The plants needs to be watered only twice a week in winter and everyday in summers. Ensure that the soil is on the drier side before watering otherwise one will tend to over water the plants. We will be sending a free (one time only) soluble fertilizer and plant food kit for giving plant food.

Description: great combination of plants designed to provide easy success in shade and an economical price. The basic idea is to provide color in the garden. The plants chosen are good for plain area (not hilly). They all are perennialin nature i.e. will remain evergreen. One can add few flowering pot plants in the season to add texture and color of the season.