Terrace garden

Rs. 94,925
Forest Feel: Terrace garden ( 2000-3000 sq. f.t )
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  • Plant Type
  • :
Forest feel plant mix
  • Terrace size
  • :
2000-3000 sq. f.t
  • Total plants
  • :
90 nos
  • Sizes of plants
  • :
  • Pot Type
  • :
Cement planters colored or painted with soothing color which will complement the garden and Plastic terracotta color
  • Media type
  • :
super garden mix
  • Other accessories
  • :
garden decor
1. Large cement planter for large tree
2. Plastic and cement planter for the plants
3. Special planer for bougainvilleas
  • Garden Plant Care
  • :
The plants needs to be watered only twice a week in winter and every day in summers. Ensure that the soil is on the drier side before watering otherwise one will tend to over water the plants. We will be sending a free (one time only) soluble fertilizer and plant food kit for giving plant food.

Description: As the name represents the idea behind the design is to provide maximum foliage cover with tree like plants that can survive and grow on the terrace. It is designed to achieve a feeling as if one is not standing on the terrace but on the ground. The design represents a mix of large 8’-10’ high plumier tree planted in large planters and combination of various varieties of shrubs. The shrubs will bring the hue of colors. The design also has fragrant shrubs/creepers which will provide a soothing fragrance on the terrace. Special care is taken to provide a perfect combination of plants, pottery and other elements that complement each other.

The cost includes all material and installation cost. The plants are guranteed for 3 months from the date of delivery